Unfortunately, we do have a strict no refunds policy which is mentioned during the registration process.


You are more than welcome to sell your ticket and transfer the registration to someone else. You should be able to modify your registration (there's a link in the confirmation email) and update all the contact and attendance information to the new person's. Just make sure you do this BEFORE you cancel. Once it's cancelled, it cannot be transferred.

COVID Guidelines

We know Covid restrictions can be cumbersome, but the Church asks that we abide by all state and local laws. This includes Covid guidelines. By completing this registration, you agree to abide by any COVID-19 restrictions in place within the State of California and Orange County at the time of the conference. We hope to see you there!

Discounted Disneyland Tickets

Your registration confirmation email should have the link to purchase discounted Disneyland tickets. If you don't receive it, please email us at hbsaconferencechair@gmail.com

Age Restrictions

We encourage singles ages 27-45 to attend.