Who sponsors the conference? Is this an official church activity?

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When and where is Check-in and Registration?

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Why do I need to register now instead of just showing up at the door?

Yes! Users can add video from YouTube or Vimeo with ease

What activities are included in the registration fee?

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What activities are extra?

Is a la carte registration available?

Will there be vegan/vegetarian food options?

What’s the refund policy?

Where will conference activities be held?

What’s the dress code?

What is the age range for the conference?

How do I coordinate with others in sharing rides or rooms?

Can I stay at members’ houses?

I’m traveling from outside of the area. How should I get around to the different events?

How many singles attend this conference?

What is the purpose of the conference?

What is this Speed Mingling thing on Friday Night? How it does work? Do I have to speed mingle?

How can I spread the word about this conference?

I want to go, but I don't know anyone. Any suggestions?

I don't do well in large groups. How can I meet others in smaller group settings?

How many people who attend are from California? Will I be out of place if I live in a different state?

Where is Huntington Beach?